Detail Report
Click on the Detailed Report option on the Reports screen to display the detailed report. The Detail Report lists each item used in the calculation of the estimate per country for all countries/destinations selected for the run. To see the report for a particular country, select the country from the "Detailed Country" drop-down list on the left side of the screen.

Detail Report Data:
In general, the Detail report is structured to correspond to items in the Fee Schedules of foreign associates. The report divides the costs by Stages. For each stage, the Official Fees, Associate Charges and Translation fees are shown, followed by the Miscellaneous and In-House Charges with a description of each cost.

For Patents, Utility Models and Designs, annuities are printed near the bottom of the estimate. Annuities are separated into Official, Associate and In-House amounts and totaled by year. A Total Annuities and Total Including Annuities is also added to the body of the estimate.

The exchange rates used, the numeric Application Information entered, and the Country Comments previously entered for specific country in the Country Specific Settings appear at the end of the report.