GIPE Saves Time

A software program which calculates worldwide cost estimates for patent and trademark applications, GLOBAL IP ESTIMATOR:

  • Is straight-forward and very easy to follow and use
  • Gives you current, accurate, detailed estimates in a matter of minutes
  • Has an extensive database that is updated every month
  • Enables you to respond immediately to your clients' requests for estimates
  • Reduces your foreign fee estimate workload by up to 95%
  • Includes the PCT, EPO and most countries of the world, even those that are small or obscure
  • Automatically gives you all estimates in the currency of your choice
  • Provides the information you need in a readily usable format


Application Types
Estimates may be calculated for:

  • Patents
  • PCT Patents - National phase
  • EPO Patents - Regional phase
  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Assignments and Modifications


Country Selection

  • Any number of countries may be simultaneously selected.
  • The EPO and PCT may also be selected. Receiving Office, Search and Examination authorities may be scheduled.

Application Information

Application information is requested based on the type of application, and the countries selected. For example, if Japan and the EPO are selected for a patent application, the following questions are asked about the application:

  • Pages in Application (excluding Drawings)
  • Pages of Claims (for EPO Grant)
  • Number of Claims
  • Number of Pages of Drawings
  • Number of Convention Priorities
  • Number of Designations for EPO
  • Number of Extensions for EPO

In addition, the following 'Yes/No' information is requested:

  • Applicant is Assignee
  • There will be Late Filing of Assignment
  • There will be Late Filing of Priority Documents
  • There will be Late Filing of Power of Attorney
  • Application is sent by Facsimile
  • A Postal Courier is used

The Database

  • Fee schedules from Intellectual Property law firms in each country are combined to create the database for that country.
  • The data is continuously revised.


Generation of Estimates

Estimates are generated by combining:

  • The application information entered by the user
  • The information contained in the database for the countries in question

The Estimate Reports

Estimates generated by Global IP Estimator are presented in three different report formats.  These formats present the same overall figures, but vary in the amount of detail shown. For patents, several "spreadsheets" are also available.
The report formats are:


The Condensed Summary Report
Shows estimate as one line per country. Totals appear for:

  • Official charges
  • Associate charges
  • In-House charges
  • Annuities (for patents)

The Summary Report
Like the Condensed Summary, but with each country's figures broken down into totals for stages.  For a patent application, the stages are as follows:

  • Filing stage
  • Examination stage
  • Granting stage

The Detail Report
As the name suggests, this is a itemized report detailing ALL sources of costs for the application.


For patents, the Spreadsheet reports are:

Timeline Summary:

This report shows the summary of the application over the timeline period.


Timeline By Stage:

This report is broken into the individual stages over the timeline period.


Timeline by Category of Cost:

This reports shows the timeline broken down into the categories of costs.


Condensed Summary:

This report gives a summary of the main application information in a condensed format.